We are project oriented. Our focus is to find properties for our clients to purchase and hold for long term investment.

HT Co. is focused on visualizing higher and better uses for commercial real estate through managing, development and/or leasing.  With over 58 years of combined experience in the Southern California market, we understand every facet of commercial real estate. 

We enjoy strong ties within the Westwood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica markets and surrounding areas as our primary field of specialization and have maintained offices within the greater Los Angeles area for 23 years. We purchase office, industrial and retail properties of all sizes; from institutional high rises, anchored neighborhood shopping centers, in-line retail and industrial. These are properties that we have developed, managed and understand.

HT Co. has cultivated a strong network of people within a specialized commercial real estate community.  Making smart decisions and knowing the right brokers, real estate specialists, government officials, special interest groups, homeowner’s associations, banks, architects, contractors and engineers allows HT Co. to successfully operate in an increasingly complicated market.  With our comprehensive experience and vast knowledge, we buy, build, lease, manage and exchange properties to achieve maximum return on investments, which is why our partners stay with us for decades.




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